Our Systems

Welcome to the Our Systems Page! Here we have broken down our arcade cabinets into 8 main categories:

MegaCade, Game Box, Stealth, Classic, Cocktail, Pedestal, Tabletop and Jukebox

We also have a Your Machines area for our customers to show off their Dream Home Arcades in their natural environment, game rooms!! If you would like to have your machine featured on our website and facebook page, please contact us on via our website or on our facebook page.

While they do look very different, all of our machines come with the same core hardware. This hardware includes quad-core Intel Core i5 processors, 4GB of DDR3 RAM, a 500GB system drive, and a 6TB data drive. We are building only the best quality arcades, and that includes everything down to the capacitors on the system boards. How you choose to interface with this hardware is where things really get unique!

We try our best to categorize our machines, but each is designed to meet the customer's specific needs. If you are thinking of having a completely custom creation made to meet your own requirements, let us know. You may just help us invent the next great arcade design!

When we say, "If you can dream it, we can build it," that's exactly what we mean! So go ahead, take a look at these beauties!

  • MegaCade

    Our biggest and baddest systems, these puppies must be seen to believe!
  • GameBox

    Our most compact systems, everything you need to get your game on!
  • Stealth

    The Stealth cabinet is our unique take on cabinet design.
  • Classic

    Classic cabinets, designed to match your old favorites!
  • Pedestal

    Full-on arcade experience and egronomics without the added weight and cost of a monitor.
  • Your Machines

    Be famous on the internet, in a good way! Hands down, these are our favorite machines, the ones in your home!
  • Cocktail

    These are true throwbacks!
  • Tabletop

    Tabletop cabinets are our smallest and lightest all-in-one systems!
  • Jukebox

    Indeed, the jukebox is the odd man out in our systems.
  • The Shop

    This is where the magic happens! Our 2000+ sq. ft. shop is located in the small central Wisconsin town of Knowlton.